Eco Volunteer UP is a local organization from Ecuador contributes to improve projects in needed around the land. We provide to volunteers from around the world the exciting opportunity to come volunteer and live with Ecuadorian families or if you need someone to travel with, you can stay in a volunteerĀ“s house depending the voluntary program, proposing the most affordable volunteering in Ecuador.

Picking the right kind of volunteer program can be one of the hardest parts, Eco Volunteer UP helps you with your decision, and offering choice volunteer opportunities. Here are our ongoing programs; they are open all year around:

Volunteer Programs in Quito:

  • Child care center
  • English Teaching at the orphanage
  • Children with special needs
  • Health center
  • Teen moms
  • Elderly care center

Volunteer Programs in the Amazon:

  • Wildlife Rescue Center
  • Community & Conservation program
  • Teach English at the school

Volunteer Program in Galapagos:

  • Conservation & Organic farm

Volunteer Program in the Andes:

  • Community & Teaching English

Volunteer Program in Cloud Forest:

  • Community & English Teaching
  • Organic farm

If you would like to help with any of these programs or find out more information please check out our website: