Accommodation Ecuador South America

Homestay Programs Ecuador gives great importance to your accommodations. There are different ways you can immerse into the Ecuadorian culture to have a great time in your housing selected. Everyone can enjoy it from different ages to individual, groups, students and families. You may add optional: pick up airport, tours and/or Spanish lessons.

Why choose Homestay Accommodation ?
It is an ideal option to learn faster or practice yourAccommodation Ecuador South America Spanish. Living situations in Homestays vary from basic room for one person to family or group immersion. You receive a delicious breakfast. Lunch and dinner may receive at the host family with extra charge. Find your best Accommodation Ecuador South America
In rural areas you typically have your own room, shared bathroom with the other members of the family, join delicious meals made a home, take part of the daily routine and enroll in the traditional festivities. At the Homestays the daily activities are optional or you can sight-see or take Spanish lessons. You also may rotate Homestays between rural and urban locations.

Accommodation Ecuador South America

HOME STAY ECUADOR PRICES : US$ 25 reservation fee

QUITO – US$ 150 per week
GALAPAGOS – US$ 210 per week
AMAZON – US$ 120 per week
CUENCA – US$ 150 per week
CLOUD FOREST – US$ 120 per week
ANDES – US$ 120 per week
COAST – US$ 120 per week


  • Accommodation
  • Three meals per day except Quito homestay (two meals per day – breakfast and dinner)
  • Private or shared bedroom and bathroom
  • Wifi access – host family Quito
  • A safe and quite location
  • Easy access to public transportation

We also provide private airport transferUS$ 40 one way or US$ 70 round trip

Homestays alternative rural locations :

Community in the Cloud Forest Mindo: At two hours from Quito, in a small village at one hour from the Mindo – tourist village and at 30 minutes to the archaeological site of Tulipe – sacred valley. You can stay with a farmer family learning different activities as: milking the cows, harvesting fruits and vegetables and mingas (communal work to benefit the community). Staying with a crafty family you learn to make ecological crafts including earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings, reforestation, mingas and more. Or just relaxing and go to Mindo, Tulipe, hike to the forest and waterfalls.

Community in the Andes – Otavalo: At two hours from Quito, in a small indigenous community. Otavalo knows as the best and biggest market in South America. The travelers and students can enjoy planting and collecting native fruits and vegetables as: strawberries, potatoes, quinoa, tomato tree and others. You can visit the market in Otavalo, Cotacachi –leather town, lakes and waterfalls.

Community on the Coast: At 10 minutes from Puerto Lopez settled a fisher community shaped for a few families. You can help clean the house, go to the market with the mother of the family, cook or helping in the school or going to different beaches around as: Ayampe, Puerto Rico, Machalilla National Park, Las Tunas, Los Frailes and among others, surfing.

Community in the Amazon – rain forest: At eight hours from Quito there is a small community very deep in the jungle with a nice river ideal to swim a small school and a few families. You can help the daily family activities as planting some native fruits and roots, learn to cook, make crafts, teach in the school and play with children or simply hang out, admire and hike into the rain forest. Besides, you can go to Puyo or Baños and do adventure activities.

In urban area travelers or students have their own room, private or shared bathroom, and delicious food and immerse into Ecuadorian daily life and culture. Accommodation Ecuador South America

Homestay in Quito: Situated in the city or outskirts of Quito, very safe areas. Our families have a house with gardens and free Wi-Fi, living and dining room. Excellent atmosphere, you will feel very welcome enjoying with the family as playing board games, and talking, visit the old town and have fun with them. Close to take buses to museums and equator line.

Homestay in Cuenca: Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, there are Homestays walk distance to bus stop, restaurants and public parks. Houses have: Wi-Fi, dining room, living room and gardens. Nice friendly family ready to give unforgettable time to everyone with the approach in entertainment.

Homestay in Galapagos: Set in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in a nice and quiet neighborhood on San Cristobal Island – Galapagos. Minutes’ walk to the beach, restaurants, shops and travel agencies. The Family likes to have travelers or students and have a good time with them. Comfortable place and warming environment.

Accommodation Ecuador South America

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