Volunteer Programs Ecuador

Discover and learn the greatest and incredible part of Ecuador and its people, history, and culture while you make a difference.

Eco Volunteer UP is an organization located in Ecuador – South America – that provides volunteer work placement in this amazing country and contributes to improve projects in need around the land. We offer volunteers from around the world the exciting opportunity to volunteer and to live with Ecuadorian families or if you need someone to travel with, you may stay in a volunteer’s house depending the voluntary program, proposing the most affordable volunteering in Ecuador.

Picking the right Volunteer Programs Ecuador can be one of the hardest parts; Eco Volunteer UP helps you with your decision, giving you all the information that you need before your arrival to have the most remarkable adventure in one the best Latin America country.

Step into the real world…. Immersed in the local culture…. Groups are also welcome and take part of our volunteer tour program and get ready for a different adventure in Ecuador! We help you to organise the trip for your group on your Alternative Breaks. Experience different cultures in just one country, meet friendly people, beautiful views and unique landscapes, learn or practice Spanish and all while you volunteer in Ecuador.

Volunteer Programs Ecuador

Here are our ongoing Volunteer Programs Ecuador ; they are open all year around:

Volunteer Programs in Quito:

  • Child care center
  • English Teaching at the orphanage
  • Children with special needs
  • Health center
  • Teen moms
  • Elderly care center

Volunteer Programs in the Amazon:

  • Wildlife Rescue Center
  • Community & Conservation program
  • Teach English at the school

Volunteer Program in Galapagos:

  • Conservation & Organic farm

Volunteer Program in the Andes:

  • Community & Teaching English

Volunteer Program in Cloud Forest:

  • Community & English Teaching
  • Organic farm

Explore Ecuador as a volunteer in our different volunteer opportunities. Start now!

Give something back to the community during your travels with our great Volunteer Programs Ecuador.

Volunteer Programs Ecuador

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